About Us

Plaid Plain Productions makes stories and videos that balance humor with humanity. It was named after the plaid carpet Naomi Kitzis and Rachel Rayner lounged on while writing the first few episodes of what would later become Rehearsals in the Key of H. This proved to be too complex for the duo to film initially, so they cut their teeth with a few smaller projects, such as Finals Week, which they edited over Skype while Rayner was studying in Germany. In 2016, the Plaid Partners began filming Rehearsals in the Key of H, the process lasted about a year, offering a steep learning curve for the untrained filmmakers.

Naomi Kitzis

Kitzis graduated from Fort Hays State University with Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Physics. During her studies, she discovered computer programming and reveled in the problem solving required and the ability to automate tasks. From a young age she has enjoyed playing violin and viola in numerous ensembles, including soloing with the Hays Symphony Orchestra. Never content with only one hobby, Kitzis enjoys training in Aikido, weaving chainmaille, playing music, and disappearing with a good book whenever she gets the chance.

Rachel Rayner

A native of Kansas, Rayner graduated from Fort Hays State University with Bachelor’s degrees in Music and English writing. She studied in Essen, Germany for a year, a formative time during which she joined the English drama club Only Connect!, directed by Julie Stearns. Rayner has a strong background in art and enjoys dancing, aikido, cooking, and her dog, who neurotically licks everything.