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We spent our last couple weeks editing our web series Rehearsals in the Key of H to get it ready for our cast party that was on Saturday. Let me tell you, we had our work cut out for us. We spent nearly every waking moment editing that sucker and in the end the version we showed was not sleek or polished, but it was about 90% where we wanted it to be.

Naomi pulling up the episodes with our best boy Ben. He’s the best. And a boy. And our best boy.

By the time we got to the party, half the planning I had done for the event went out the window because we were just so exhausted. When we played the series, the audio settings on the computer highlighted a background roar we had not heard before, the colors looked different on the projection, and we had some technical difficulties rendering one of the episodes. Like everything else in life, it did not go as smoothly as we would have liked. That all melted away a bit (but not all the way) as we started playing the episodes and everyone watching began laughing—really laughing.

Our cast chatting it up while we deal with tech issues. We call the chairs they were sitting in the space pod chairs. They have wheels, a desk, and you can play bumper cars in them. What more do you want from a chair? Other than a jet pack.

I loved looking out at their engaged faces and hearing them roar with laughter at some of the scenes that we had watched and dissected so many times that I was beginning to believe they were no good. I went in feeling almost apologetic about what we were about to show and left feeling as if a yoke had been removed from around my neck.

Two of the three siblings who acted in our series. Their parents made very talented and very beautiful babies. They’re just so cute.

After the party, one of our cast members (who plays Trent) told us that when the last episode ended he immediately thought, “When is the next season coming out?” He then realized, “Wait, I was in this. If there was a second season I would know about it.”

The cellists in the web series.

One of our other cast members (who plays Dr. Bill Williams) told me that while he had expected it to be good, it had exceeded his expectations. It was a relief to know that the inconsistencies and errors I had begun to fixate on did not detract from the enjoyment they had while watching it.

Yeeesss??? We managed the better half of this couple for our web series. Which means both halves. Don’t question my math.

The release date for the first episode is coming up on February 1, and I feel a bit less scared to show it to the rest of the world now. I hope that you all end up enjoying it as much as we have loved making it. Or maybe even half as much. Actually I would settle for a quarter. And since we, who have seen these scenes dozens of times, still laugh at them, hopefully it will bring a bit of joy to you as well.

Partners in Plaid!

Peace, Love, and Plaid,


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